Tarangire National Park

Tarangire is a real gem. Known for some of the best elephant viewing in Tanzania, the park also hosts a ‘mini migration’ at the height of the dry season as large numbers of zebra and other animals make their way into the park to quench their thirst at Tarangire River.

The park is incredibly scenic and home to some enormous Baobab trees. In terms of wildlife, in addition to elephant other herbivores that are resident year-round include mongoose, giraffe, bushbuck, rock hyrax, hartebeest, dik-dik, impala, waterbuck, warthog and reedbuck.

Lions are abundant in Tarangire and are regularly encountered and leopard are often spotted. For birders the park is especially good for spotting raptors with bateleur eagle, tawny eagle, long-crested eagle, martial eagle, fish eagle and spotted eagle owl all regularly sighted.