Safaris that visit the Central Kalahari Game Reserve

The name ‘Kalahari' conjures up images of wide open grassy plans, dry river beds, hardy wildlife and of course the famed black-maned Kalahari Lions. You will not be disappointed! The Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) is the largest, most remotely situated reserve in Southern Africa, and the second largest wildlife reserve in the world, encompassing 52 800 sq kms.

Nothing prepares you for the immensity of this reserve or its wild, mysterious beauty. There is an impression of unending space, and having the entire reserve to yourself.

This is why we go to the CKGR - to get away from everything.

We recommend visiting the CKGR after the summer rains when the wildlife viewing is at its best as animals move into the area to take advantage of the lush sweet grasses that dominate the landscape.

Tours that visit the Central Kalahari Game Reserve: