Mozambique Safaris & Tours

Mozambique has over 2500km of coastline with warm tropical waters, white sandy beaches lined with palm tress and not surprisingly delicious seafood!

The country has had a troubled and somewhat brutal past. Historically is was a centre for trade for gold, ivory and slaves, mainly between the Middle East, India and Africa that was colonised by the Portuguese. In 1975 it gained independence but then plunged into civil war that lasted for almost 20 years. Thankfully the last 15 or so years have been settled and Mozambique is fast gaining the reputation of being a premier beach destination.

When to visit:

June to October is the dry season so expect lots of tropical sunshine! June through July are the coolest months but only at night, it is usually over 30°C during the day.


The whole of Mozambique is a Malaria area. Please talk to your health professional about precautions.