Malawi Safaris

Malawi is dominated by the vast blue waters of Lake Malawi which covers 20% of this small, narrow African nation. The lake fills one of the deepest clefts of the Great Rift Valley and its clear, mineral-rich waters teem with countless, brightly coloured cichlid fish. The shore is dotted with thatch roofed fishing villages, sugar and cotton plantations, mango and baobab trees.

Malawian’s are famously friendly so it is not surprising that the country is known affectionately as the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’.

When to visit:

Malawi has a very similar weather to it’s neighbour Zambia. There is relatively little tourism in Malawi but peak season is from June through August, with cooler nights and warm dry days. Daytime temperatures climb in September and October and November can be changeable – either hot and dry like October or you will experience the first of the downpours as the rainy season starts. Most of the rains come from December through March. In April and May is starts to call down and the countryside is gorgeously green with a smattering of showers.


The whole of Malawi is a Malaria area. Please talk to your health professional about precautions.